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Mining of magnesite is done through semi-mechanised route. The overburden is blasted and shifted mechanically where as Ore mining is done manually. The mineral is transported by dumpers to a distance of about 7 Kms. to the plant and converted to Dead Burnt Magnesite through two vertical Shaft Kilns with capacity of 30,000 MT per year. Deat Burnt Magnesite is transported by trucks to depot at Haldwani located at 150 Km. distance.

Mining of Soap Stone is done in Village Chirang, Distt. Bageshwar.

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The product Dead Burnt Magnetite is a refractory material and is mainly used in steel making processes in open hearth, twin hearth furnaces and in stainless steel industries. The DBM is transported by trucks from depot to various destinations.

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The company caters to the need of Indian Industries and has also exported its DBM to MIddle East.